Is Chris Stapleton's New Album 'Starting Over' Worth Listening To?

Is Chris Stapleton's New Album 'Starting Over' Worth Listening To?


In the modern era of listening to music, listeners are finding that listening to an album cover-to-cover has become an arduous exercise. Fortunately for the ADD flock of fools, there are still artists such as Chris Stapleton that make this task easy.


All in all, it's relatively apparent that Chris is in a good place as he releases this album with a few exceptions. This should make all Stapleton fans happy and happy for Chris (and Morgane). Many times, sorrowful music is considered to be better because it comes from a more passionate crevice of the soul, but our ears need the contrasting sound too sometimes. 


Personally, I have been waiting for another Stapleton album for so long, so I am over the moon about today’s release. A song by song review is as follows:


Starting over 

This single has been out for a little bit of time now, and it has shown success as it should.


Devil Always Made Me Think Twice

This is vintage Stapleton. This tune is a ride in the fast lane, and it's genuinely relatable for virtually all of the Midwestern and Southern regions of the US. Natural human tendency pulls us toward to the evil shoulder. Right and wrong is a dog fight and always will be.



I didn’t just go through a breakup, but I feel like I did. 



Personally, this isn’t my favorite from the album. Instrumentally, it’s an extension from other rock and roll records that Chris has produced. 


Joy of My Life

This is exactly what I was referring to when I previously stated that Chris is obviously in a good place. I might pass this off as a song I wrote for my significant other once I learn to play the guitar. The Stapleton’s kids come from a very wealthy home, and I’m not talking money. 


Hillbilly Blood

I accidentally chewed an entire can over the course of four minutes.


Maggie’s Song

This one hurt. This one hurt bad. It made me smile, and made me cry. Chris Stapleton perfectly explains the relationship between a man and his best friend, and the unfair reality that one day we’ll have to live without our best friend. Tom T Hall once said “Old dogs care about you even when you’ve made mistakes” truer words have never been spoken. Dogs give you some of the happiest days of your life and one of the worst.


Whiskey Sunrise 

I had to pause the album after this one to go purchase a bottle of diesel. This song is one Chris would pull out during a concert and play for 10 minutes with a few guitar solos and I wouldn’t be even remotely upset about it. 


Worry B Gone

This is a stupid title. I can’t completely blame him because drunkenness from the former number may have played a role. This song isn’t great. Frankly, I thought it was a tad lazy. 


Old Friends

For folks like myself who have had to leave old friends in the pursuit of something else (e.g. job, family, etc.), this song may hold a special place in heart’s chambers designated for this album. On the negative side, I wish the talking didn’t make me think of Sam Hunt but here we stand. 


Watch You Burn

This tribute to Vegas shooting victims was necessary as we forget fallen country music lovers sometimes. The rage fueled melody sheds a light on an ongoing problem in our country. That stage has been fairly empty recently, but the lights may shine bright again before we know it. First step - quit addressing cowards by name in the media, and we can go from there. 


You Should Probably Leave 

There’s just not much to say about this song. It is very middle of the road. I’d let it play during a road trip, but I won’t be playing it over and over in my car rides to and from work. 


Nashville, TN

I was curious as a cat to listen to this piece. Stapleton has a well known love for Nashville, but he used this as his breakup song. This is a smooth breakup if there ever was one, except for the fact that he is breaking up with Nashville via CNN instead of having a private conversation. This is like tuning into Twitter to find out you’re fired. This tear off is not surprising because Chris has always veered away from bashing the entity that is Nashville, but there is a clear distaste in the direction the community has gone. 


This album gets an A- on my grading scale. There may be some bias factored into that, but country music sets the bar pretty low these days (at least from the above ground scene that Chris is in whether he likes it or not). Well done Chris and thank you.


Chris and gang went on Jimmy Kimmel last night and increased the show's quality ten fold:

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