The Most Annoying Thing About Dustin Lynch's New Album

The Most Annoying Thing About Dustin Lynch's New Album

You're probably here for one of two reasons:

You're a Dustin Lynch fan who is prepared to be angry with me, or you dislike his music and came here to have your opinion validated. BUT, neither should happen, considering it wasn't his music that was the most annoying part of his latest record. It was the fact that we waited four months short of three years for him to put out an album, to basically only get 6 new songs. I'll explain:

Last year, Dustin Lynch released a 3 song EP featuring his latest number 1 single "Ridin' Roads." All three of those songs are featured on his new 11 track album. Dustin Lynch's single "Good Girl" from 2018 is also featured on it. Throw in the fact that he released "Momma's House" 6 weeks ago, you're left with only 6 brand new songs on release day.

It is completely normal for artists to release a few songs or to post teasers to create anticipation and buzz weeks before their new album. (It also helps bump it up on the charts when it debuts) but this just feels cheated. Four of those songs have been out for a year and up. One of those songs was a radio single in 2018. Almost 3 years and that's really all we get? 

On a side note: I’m a Dustin Lynch fan, let me just throw that out there, but Tullahoma isn't that good. Not horrible, just not that good. It’s definitely no Cowboys and Angels or Mind Reader.

Highlight: Dustin and Lauren Alaina's duet "Thinking Bout You".

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  • Courtney

    With Riley Green’s newest album, we only got 3 new songs so this is not as bad 🤷🏼‍♀️

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