Thomas Rhett Debuts New Song 'Country Again'

Thomas Rhett Debuts New Song 'Country Again'

When Thomas Rhett first came out in 2013, I was a big fan. His first record was full of good country songs, a couple fun rockin' ones, and also some mainstream pop country that was done well. Fast forward to where we've been since and he's basically been country's biggest "sellout." I hate to use that word because, according to Rhett, he actually wanted to lean more pop with his own music. I guess all in all what I'm trying to say is that Rhett can write a good country song (Beer With Jesus for example) and he's very talented. His music, in my opinion, just went to shit for a while.

That leads us to this new song he debuted for us.

"I've been through a lot of change. I feel like lately I've rediscovered myself. This song is about getting back to my roots."

Well done. I'm excited to hear his new stuff.

Here's "Country Again"


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