Thomas Rhett Releases New Single 'Country Again'

Thomas Rhett Releases New Single 'Country Again'

When Thomas Rhett first came out in 2013, I was a big fan. From his first single, 'It Goes Like This' to 'Beer With Jesus,' to his southern rock side of 'All American Middle Class White Boy' and hell, even 'Get Me Some Of That' was something I liked to play when it came time to gettin' half lit with the boys.

With all of that said, Thomas Rhett has spent most of his career since making pop music but still selling it as country. He ditched the boots, the twang, and even said he loved the production of pop music while crediting Bruno Mars as one of his influencers and idols. 

Rhett was once the biggest act in country music. Within the past decade, it went Jason Aldean to Luke Bryan, then Florida Georgia Line to Thomas Rhett. And now it's Luke Combs (where Morgan Wallen sits at the moment is unknown.) Although I feel like he held the crown as the biggest artist in country music at one point, it was a very short moment in history and, in my opinion, his relevance has faded.

Today, however, Thomas Rhett released his new single 'Country Again' and not only is it a great song with steel guitar, it's the perfect start of a turn around for an artist who has seemed to be confused as to what genre he is in for the better half of his career.

"I love me some california but it sure aint Tennessee

And my roots down there in Georgia, yeah they started missin' me.

And I wouldn't change the things I've done or the places that I've been.

Man, it feels good to be country again."

I'm a fan of the song and I'm actually excited for his new album. I'll also tell you that right now, at 14,000 views, the song only has 7 dislikes on youtube with 1.4k likes. Impressive.


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