Throwback to Jason Aldean and Ludacris Performance of Dirt Road Anthem

Throwback to Jason Aldean and Ludacris Performance of Dirt Road Anthem

Ahh, reminiscing on the good times. (pun intended.)

In 2010, Jason Aldean released a monstrous album that gave us singles such as My Kinda Party, Don't You Wanna Stay with Kelly Clarkson, Fly Over States, Tattoos On This Town and most notably; Dirt Road Anthem. When Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford originally wrote/recorded it, it was meant to be a rap/country song. However, when Jason Aldean decided to cut it, him and his band completely changed the arrangement into what you hear today.

Aldean obviously kept the verses in which Colt Ford originally rapped, however I've never considered the song a Country/Rap song and I gotta be honest, it fires me up when people say that. Sure, I understand the argument. And yes, he's "talking fast", but critics used it to shame the song when it's country. Plain and simple. No argument.  (I never claimed it was traditional country music to all of those traditionalists about to come after me)

On a serious note, however, the song is now a decade old and it takes me back to the good ol days before I was an adult with my buddies. Drinking' beer, having massive bonfires and staying up too late. That album will never get old. I still think it's Aldean's best one.

BUT, after all of that rap/country talk...THIS is where the true rap came in. Fellow Georgia native, Ludacris, teamed up to steal away the second verse of the song. I don't usually always like crossovers like this, but they did a damn good job. I have fond memories from my childhood of Ludacris screaming "Move bitch, get out the way" so I had no issue with Luda being the featured rapper. I wanted to share this video from the Grammy Nominations Concert and take y'all down memory lane because the performance was exciting and cool to watch. Enjoy.

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