Top 13 Jason Aldean Songs

Top 13 Jason Aldean Songs

Everyone knows Jason is one of the biggest country stars out there. Why did I decide to make it a top 13 and not simply a top 10? Because I knew I wanted to include a few of his songs that were never on radio, so it wouldn't have been fair to only do 10 and it also wouldn't have been fair to make this list ONLY radio singles.

Aldean has built a very successful career around a rockin' country sound, but for those who are actual fans of his, know he has recorded a lot of ballads, whether soft or mid-tempo.


13. Big Green Tractor

I'm already aware that some of you are already wanting to come after me for not putting this higher but remember, as much as I want to go off of song sales and chart numbers alone, some of it is my opinion. The song went number 1 and could be argued as one of the top songs you think of when you hear Aldean but looking back on his whole discography, it just doesn't feel like an Aldean song. It's still on the list because It's a classic and a lot of fun to sing along too.

12. You Make It Easy

Alright, so I had to throw this in here because of the crazy success it had and how much I know fans would lose it on me if I didn't. I couldn't put it that high though, because for me, it's not up there. However, this list isn't all just my opinion like I stated above, I have to look at what songs also performed the best and this couldn't have been left out. Maybe it became over-played for me? Maybe it was too mainstream? I'm not sure. It's a great song and a refreshing point in Aldean's career, just not why I'm a fan of his.

11. Staring At The Sun

Fresh off the 2012 Night Train album, this song was never chosen to be a radio single. I'm not necessarily surprised because Aldean, in my opinion, usually has multiple songs on each album that could've been radio hits but never released. There's something special about this one though. The sound, the lyrics, Jason's killer vocals on it. It would've been massive.

10. The Truth

This mid-tempo became Jason's 4th number one single. It's about a relationship that came to and end and him begging their friends to tell her anything about him, except the truth...which is that he still loves her. It's a solid song.

9. When She Says Baby

One of those songs that I enjoyed when I first heard the Night Train record, but didn't expect it to be a radio single. I don't think Jason or his team did either because it was the last single to be released from the album. It's one of those simplistic upbeat songs that grow on you and I think that's exactly what it did. The song explains how life can be rough but she makes everything better. "Sometimes I come home fightin' mad, feel like running' my first through the wall / Is it even worth what I'm fighting for anymore? Feeling torn, awh the hell with it all"

8. On My Highway

Another song that was never a radio single but came off of his 2009 album "Wide Open." The highway represents his life story and in it, there was good relationships he let go, things he did wrong and broke down over, but how good it feels to move on from those mistakes. Whether or not it deserved to be on radio, it's worth throwing on here since a lot of country music fans haven't heard it.

7. Tattoos On This Town

Jason Aldean loves to sing about nostalgia in his music so this one is no different. With a cool and soft-rockin' vibe, the whole song tells a story about all the wild things they did grown' up and how - for better or worse- they leave marks on you and the town they did it all in.

6. See You When I See You

Sometimes I play this song and it frustrates me so good. (Yes, that's a thing)            Out of any Aldean song that wasn't released to radio, THIS ONE SHOULD'VE BEEN. This is that song any fan of his that I know simply loves. Not going to explain the song so I'll just leave the video for it. His emotional and whiny vocals are too good to be true. (For those that have seen his cover of the Bryan Adams song "Heaven", his vocals sound like that on it. You're welcome.)

5. She's Country

Written by Danny Myrick and Bridgette Tatum, this is a Jason Aldean song if you ever did hear one. The rockin' single was released in 2009 and shot up to number 1. According to Aldean, it's still one of his favorites to play live and one that gets the crowd going nuts. I've seen him live countless times so I've seen him out of breath during the verses of an encore, but he smiles and carries on. 

4. Why

This happened to be Jason Aldean's first number 1 single. It's disappointing that he never really plays it live anymore but I'm assuming it's because he likes to keep the concert upbeat and as "fun" as possible. A few years back he did an acoustic medley on tour that featured brief moments of multiple songs, including this one, and I wish he'd continue to do that every tour so fans can hear all of their favorites.

3. My Kinda Party

Originally written and recorded by Brantley Gilbert, the guitar lick in the beginning of this song that was added by Jason and his band when they cut it, gets me fired up every time it comes on. From the smooth vocal delivery on it, to the badass guitar solo at the end, it's definitely his best rock-country song.

2. Don't You Wanna Stay (Ft. Kelly Clarkson)

Another song that Aldean doesn't play live anymore because "Kelly's not here. We used to put her on a hologram but there's only so many times you can do that and keep it cool." Understandable...but find a way. The fans want to hear this one, I promise. Take my medley idea from the song "Why" and include this one too. Aside from Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood's Remind Me, it's arguably the best duet in country music in the past 20 years. Kelly Clarkson kills it but that's not why it's necessarily up here. The song itself is good but the production is what also stands out. The whole sound from the My Kinda Party album is distinct and raw. 

1. Dirt Road Anthem

This hit song sold more than four million digital downloads, making it the best-selling song by a male country solo artist in history. Ask a critic, they may give you the bro-country/rap crap but I'm here to tell you, this song is COUNTRY. Sure, it's modern (and yes, i know it's 10 years old) but I never claimed it was traditional. From the minute the high-hat kicks in, followed by the distinct guitar riff, the song puts everyone in a good mood. The way Jason and his band changed the song from how Brantley Gilbert and Colt Ford first did it, is worth noting here as well. Dirt Road Anthem will never get old.

**I wanted to include other songs but obviously, you gotta start and stop somewhere. So here's some hat tips to some really good ones:

  • Love Was Easy
  • Tryin' To Love Me
  • High Noon Neon
  • Set It Off
  • Country Boy's World
  • Relentless
  • Hicktown
  • Amarillo Sky
  • Rearview Town
  • Tonight Looks Good On You
  • Burnin' It Down
  • Cowboy Killer
  • Just Passin' Through
  • Love Me Or Don't
  • Like You Were Mine
  • Comin' In Hot




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