Travis Denning Releases New EP and It's A Must Listen.

Travis Denning Releases New EP and It's A Must Listen.

Alright, I waited a day to write about the "Beer's Better Cold" EP because Travis Denning's music thus far deeply interests me and I wanted to give it a thorough second listen. (Yes, I'm fully aware there are only 6 songs and some were already released so really...I just had to listen both sober AND drunk due to the name of the EP, I guess. But better late than never.)

Let me start by getting the bad out of the way real quick. First song was the only one that I wasn't a huge fan of. Right when it began, that annoying snap track came in...for no damn reason. I've always been open with my taste in country music. Throw some rock in it, throw some pop in it, keep singing about beer, as long as it is still country. I like that stuff. My main point here is I'm not sure what artist or producer sits in the studio and thinks "ya know what, this song is okay but if you add a snap track in the beginning, and THEN go to drums, everyone will fucking love it." (Sorry, Travis, that it had to be your song that I'm using for my rant, whoops) The one thing I'll give the song is Travis wasn't afraid to write and release more country songs about beer. I also like the simplicity but cleverness of "I don't know where that beer's been but I know where it's going." 

I want to point out that I'm a fan of the rockin' style that Denning sometimes gives us in his music. If it weren't for Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert, it would have almost completely disappeared in the genre by now. That's why i also really liked HARDY's latest song "Boots" and Koe Wetzel's song "Kuntry & Wistern"

If I had to solely choose based off of what I would play the most when driving around, ABBY and Beer's Better Cold would probably be my top two songs off this EP. The play on the name Abby is clever. When asked if there's someone else, he says "Yeah her name is ABBY, that's anybody but you." 

 Tank Of Gas And A Radio Song is still something I play when I drive around by myself at night. It has a great sound and makes you feel good, yet also sad. It'll have you reminiscing is probably the best way to explain it.

Sittin' By A Fire is another song with a twist that I really, really liked. He sings about getting a text to come to a bonfire party and he says "I would man but I'm already sitting' by a fire / She's pullin' back her hair, you oughta see the spark there in her eyes / I aint going nowhere, Whatever this is I got my arms around it's burning too hot to let it go out"

All in all, this EP was the best thing released this week. I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. Drunk me would probably give it an 8. Anyway, it's really good. I don't think Travis is getting the full recognition he deserves yet but he has big potential and I'm eager to hear more from him. Check out the songs below:


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