Tyler Childers & Luke Combs Release Brand New Music

Tyler Childers & Luke Combs Release Brand New Music

It's Friday. Football is back on TV. Fall is in the air. ANNNNND, there's new music from two of the biggest artists in the genre. Now...they're significantly different in style and while I've only listened sober, both are worth giving a listen to.


Long Violent History, the surprise album that is predominantly instrumentals, comes with a video urging his fans to support the Black Lives Matter movement. "If we were met with this type of daily attack on our own people, we would take action. If we didn't need to be reminded, there would be justice for Breonna Taylor." - Childers.

I'm not going to get into whether or not saying "daily" is accurate, or if his fans that he's speaking too actually have a problem with supporting black lives or if they just don't support the movement, whether because of beliefs, actions within the organization, or party affiliation. I'm just here for good music. I wish we heard more of his raw and powerful voice over the fiddle instrumentals but hey, I'll take what I can get, I guess.

All proceeds from the album will go to the Hickman Holler Appalachian Relief Fund, which helps underserved communities in that region.


Fresh off his win for Male Artist of the year and a killer performance of 'Better Together' at the ACM awards, Luke releases 'Without You' from his upcoming deluxe edition of 'What You See Is What You Get'.

The song, that was shared via social media a few months ago and now features Amanda Shires, is a thank you to his fans, friends & family for helping him get to where he is today. Not my personal favorite from him and that's okay, I don't think it was supposed to be any more than what it is. Hell, I think everyone knows it won't be played even a third as much as 'Forever After All' when it comes out, but Luke does a good job with not only his song-writing and relate-ability, but his content and how he covers so many bases with WHAT he chooses to write about. This, along with 4 additional new songs, including two never before heard, will be featured on the album.



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