Where does Morgan Wallen go from here?

Where does Morgan Wallen go from here?

Well, I'll be damned.

If you've been on the internet at all within the past few hours, you're probably aware of the leaked video of Morgan Wallen drunk and screaming the N-word by now.

It's no secret that Morgan made headlines last year for other incidents, including a drunk and disorderly arrest, but none of those were unforgivable and held nearly as much weight as this one.

The video shoes Morgan yelling "Take care of this pussy ass mother fucker, take care of this pussy ass ni****." before going inside.

After breaking multiple streaming records with his latest album, where does Morgan Wallen go from here? In a matter of 15 hours, he's been dropped by over 400 country stations, removed by all CMT platforms, oh..and was just suspended from his record label.

Will he ever perform at another country award show? Ehhh, probably not. Saturday Night Live, again? Not in a million years. He's also supposed to open up for Luke Bryan on tour this summer. I'm going to guess they'll pull the plug on him for that one, as well.

Morgan has already issued an apology statement, and although he may very well mean it, I'm afraid that ain't going to do much right now. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I do not think Morgan Wallen is racist, but the context of the word doesn't matter.

You can't say it, you just CAN'T.







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