Why You Should Still Give Brantley Gilbert A Chance After Bad Halftime Performance

Why You Should Still Give Brantley Gilbert A Chance After Bad Halftime Performance

Last Monday night, Brantley Gilbert and his brass knuckles microphone took the stage during the NFL Halftime show to perform a new song from his most recent album, "Fire't Up."

It's no secret that Brantley always looks tough and has had a grit to his voice over the years, but for those who have never heard of him or only know a few of his songs, he probably didn't leave a good lasting impression with that performance. However, Brantley has been around since around 2010-ish and developed a HUGE, what some would call, underground fanbase. He's always dabbled with heavy southern rock and has always been about his faith and as of late, his sobriety, but Brantley is actually known for having a raw, smooth voice over a lot of emotional acoustic ballads. He is a hell of a song writer and while pinning chart toppers for Jason Aldean such as "Dirt Road Anthem" and "My Kinda Party," he's written ballads with more emotion than most country music artists out there, believe it or not. 

Some see Brantley today and think of him as another bro-country singer who contributes to what's wrong with country music but in past years, he was widely appreciated and praised by those same people. His first singles on country radio were "Country Must Be Country Wide," "You Don't Know Her Like I Do," and "More Than Miles." All great songs but there's a whole lot more to his discography. 

These albums:

  • Modern Day Prodigal Son
  • Halfway To Heaven

The Way Brantley writes and tells his stories about home, his mom, heartbreak, alcohol abuse and almost dying in a car wreck in those first two albums is unmatched. Take a listen to some of these videos below and don't let his halftime performance ruin him for you.

 Before he was ever on radio, before he even had a major record label and even without there being a music video, this song has multiple videos on youtube with millions of views, including one with 20 million. Behold; possibly BG's best song.

Better have some tissues in hand for this one...

This song should've been on country radio. Would've been a massive number 1:

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