Will Nashville Ever Learn?

Will Nashville Ever Learn?


Jason Isbell Sticks it to the man, AGAIN. 

We have seen a lot of pushback towards the CMA's and the association as a whole this past week, but this is the peak to the pyramid. 

There have been a number of artists who have been outspoken on the lack of acknowledgement for American heroes such as John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Billy Joe Shaver during the CMAs that played earlier this week. 

As a member of the resistance in country music, this week is up there for the most important events in recent memory as far as raising awareness is concerned. 

Once the association can see legitimate negative impact from respected artists and the public, the sooner we are to a 180° correction from the township that is currently intact. Country music is not that different from politics right now as far as division that rests in the nucleus of the institution. 

The difference is in country music, there are the uninformed and the informed. The uniformed provide no resistance, but the informed, like us, provide resistance to the commodity that is an output of Nashville. 

I know John, Jerry Jeff, and Billy Joe are up there writing clever songs about their teamsters still fighting the good fight in the physical space. 

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